All organisations need to be able to extract intelligence from their data to determine performance. C2's approach ensures that the Business Intelligence solution produced maps to the business need. This is achieved by using the following techniques:

Determination of Business Intelligence (BI) Strategy for organisation.

Identification of organisation's Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

Definition of Measures to support KPIs.

Determination of Dimensions to breakdown Measures.

Identification of Hierarchies required by organisation.

Definition of detailed Data Mapping for BI Solution.

Choice of appropriate Presentation software for solution.

Determination of supporting software and hardware requirements

Analysis of principal data sources within the organisation.

Making good decisions requires high quality information delivered to the decision maker at the right time to support the decision making process.

Business Intelligence Detailed Process

Determination of the Business Intelligence Strategy to be adopted by the business. Organisation-wide solutions require a significant investment in time and money before they provide a return on that investment. Often, a more successful approach which provides an earlier return on investment is to provide a phased solution which is focussed on the important areas of the business. Our Business Intelligence Consultants work with the organisation to determine the phasing of the solution and the ordering of those phases. Top

Identification of the Key Performance Indicators that will be used to determine how well the business is operating. These indicators will be determined and agreed with those staff who will be using the information to aid their decision making. Top

Analysis of the information required (Measures) that will support the key performance indicators. Top

Determination of the principal Dimensions which will be used to enable intelligent reporting on the measures. Typical dimensions can include Time, Geography and Product. Top

Identification of the Hierarchies that will be used to organise each dimension. Hierarchies can be used to provide summary level information (e.g. annual sales figures by region based upon daily figures by store) and enable the decision maker to 'drill into' the summary level information to view the detailed data which underpins it. Top

Mapping the detailed data available from the organisation analysed using the bottom up process below to the information required by the business to support the measures, dimensions and hierarchies defined in the top down process above. This will result in the basis of the ongoing data transformation requirements and any gaps between the data required and that which is available. Top

Determination of the Presentation Software required which will enable decision makers to manipulate their information and produce their own reports. Top

Calculation of expected data volumes and usage of the Business Intelligence solution in order to determine the Software and Hardware Requirements. Top

Analysis of the principal sources of data in the organisation to determine the quality, completeness and suitability of that data for use in the Business Intelligence solution. Top

Once the above analysis has been completed and agreed, production of the system can commence. C2 Consulting's approach to the build and implementation of business intelligence solutions will be added to the web site soon.