Meetings are necessary for any organisation to function correctly. They are often the only vehicle by which different departments are brought together to address the challenges that they collectively face. However, meetings are a big investment. The cost of a meeting cannot be based solely on the time of those attending; particularly if the meeting is not effective. C2 has the experience to:

Recognise the issues that characterise ineffective meetings.

Help participants to agree a list of the real issues to be discussed and resolved.

Use facilitation techniques to reach pragmatic decisions that all participants will agree.

Provide an interface between different departments to improve clarity, perspective and decision making.

Ensure important issues are not forgotten by providing a neutral and objective opinion.

Employ active listening and conflict resolution techniques to bring out the best in people.

Know what situations require facilitation and where it may be best employed.

C2 has significant experience in working with organisations to improve the effectiveness of their meetings, act as an interface between business and It departments and ensure that the each meeting fulfils its purpose.


Facilitation Service Details

Ineffective meetings are characterised by an inability to complete all agenda items, a feeling of disempowerment from those who attended or many action items being to call further meetings. Ineffective meetings reduce the effectiveness of your staff, delay key decisions and can remove any business benefits to the organisation gained through timely decision making. This can have a negative effect on staff morale as meetings are perceived to be a waste of time and effort. Top

One of the principle issues that arises in meetings when attempting to reach an agreement is that of understanding what the real issues are. In any organisation, each department is assumed to be putting its own needs first and can often be unreceptive to the needs of other departments. Often this arises from preconceptions, politics, assumptions, a basic lack of understanding of the needs of each department or just that one or two individuals dominate the meeting. Top

Facilitation is a process for developing better solutions to important problems or issues. The process allows for increased input from many sources. Important issues can be identified and examined. The focus is on common interests and not differences and the objective is to reach productive conclusions to which all participants are committed. Top

Employing a C2 Consulting facilitator will provide your business with greater clarity and focus in its decision making and an essential interface between departments, particularly business and IT functions. It will ensure that your meetings are more productive and effective. Our facilitators encourage all members of the meeting to contribute. They will give your meetings structure and keep the meeting on track so that all agenda items are discussed. Finally, they will mediate between attendees to achieve consensus. Top

Our facilitators are objective and neutral and will ensure that important issues are not glossed over, issues that will impede progress are identified as early as possible and disputes are managed or avoided. Top

They are adept at active listening, conflict resolution and bringing out the best in people. They question to ensure understanding throughout the group and bring their own experience to problem solving within the meeting. Top

C2 Consulting advises organisations to use our facilitators in the following situations:

Meetings which require all members to contribute. It is difficult to contribute and manage a meeting effectively.

Pre-Meetings which are used to resolve a number of complex issues in order to simplify the subsequent meeting.

Strategic Planning Meetings where it is important that the meeting discusses and agrees a practical strategy without being held back by the details of its implementation. Top