C2 Consulting believes that training is very important in any organisation. Offering suitable training to your staff can provide a cost effective method of improving their efficiency, morale and work satisfaction. C2 has significant experience in helping organisations to identify what training they need and how it will help to improve their business as well as satisfying specific training requirements. C2 can undertake the following activities for your organisation.

Production of a full Training Needs Analysis at departmental or organisation level.

Determination of a Training Strategy to deliver the training required.

Development of Course Outlines for any bespoke courses.

Agreement of appropriate timescales in which to deliver the training.

Documenting the decisions made into a Training Plan.

Provision of advice on setting up an 'in-house' training capability.

Delivery of a wide range of standard and bespoke training courses either directly or through our associates.

Our skilled consultants and associates can deliver this training using methods that complement your business. Our range of technical and personal development training plus our ability to quickly customise our courses to your specific needs ensures that the training you receive will be relevant, appropriate and valuable.

Training Service Details

Training can be a key element in the success of any IT solution. Our experienced consultants can conduct a full training needs analysis, working with your managers and staff to identify areas where training could yield benefit. Top

Using the results of this analysis, our consultants will then help you to devise a training strategy. This strategy will identify the key training requirements for the members of your team and include methods by which the training can be cascaded throughout your organisation as necessary. Top

After the training strategy has been agreed, course outlines will be developed and presented for review and acceptance. Top

The effectiveness of training can be lost if staff do not have the chance to put what they have learned into practice. Our consultants will also discuss with you the timescales you are working to and help you to determine the best timescales for delivering the training you require. Top

A training plan will be devised which will draw together all the elements required to implement the training strategy and a project plan for delivery.

Our goal is to provide you with a training solution, not just a set of training courses. We can help you capitalise on the training we provide by enabling you to establish an 'in house' training capability. C2 Consulting can help you to train your own staff to become trainers or help you recruit trainers if required. Our consultants have over 12 years experience in designing or sourcing training courses, providing training and managing the training process. Top

In addition to specific solution-based training, C2 Consulting can deliver training in a wide range of disciplines, using our own consultants and approved associates. These disciplines include:

Project management.

Business process definition.

Systems analysis techniques.

Data warehousing.

Business Objects.

PC application software.

Personal development training.

All training can be delivered at your premises. Alternatively, we can arrange to conduct the training at a suitable off-site venue. Materials and course contents can be tailored to your own specific needs. Top